What if my child has conflicts?

Some conflicts are negotiable, some are not. The nature of the program requires consistent attendance, and an absence may mean the student has less to do onstage.

Can I get a discount if I sign up more than one child?

Yes! A discount is offered for families with 2 or more enrolling children. The cost is $600 for the first child, and $240 for each additional sibling who signs up.

My child needs early dismissal on one or more days.

Early dismissal is strictly at the discretion of the camp director. Arrangements must be made well in advance for any early dismissal.

Will my child be featured individually?

While the nature of putting on this kind of performance is that some performers may be more individually featured than others, everyone will have an important role to play and have the chance to learn and grow.

Do I need a deposit to reserve my spot?

Yes, a deposit of $200 will reserve your spot. You must confirm your enrollment by May 15 or lose your deposit. The remainder of the tuition is due by June 1st.